Application should be submitted from September until December of the previous year.

Convincing information on your website or expressive photographs are sufficient as application for the European market. Please include a description of your products and photographs, if you send your application per e-mail. (Preference will be given to innovative design).

General requirements are: an industrial notification and a trade licence. Freelance artists and designers are permitted as guests.

Acceptance or rejection: please understand that we are not able to permit all exhibitors at the European market due to space limitations. In (enter month and year) you will at the latest receive a notification, whether your application for the market has been successful or not.

Terms for participation

The Aachen Chamber of Crafts and Skilled Trades is the organiser of the European arts and crafts market.  The advisory service of design of the Aachen Chamber of Crafts and Skilled Trades is responsible for the organisation and implementation.

Basic requirements in order to be admitted to the market are a valid industrial and fiscal notification.

Each craftsman who follows a profession which is considered as a craft by the legal authority, for instance ceramists (wheel-thrown ceramics), glaziers (lead glazing, glass painting) etc. should prove that he is listed in the Register of Craftsmen of the Chamber of Crafts and Skilled Trades concerned. The application must have an enclosed copy of the trade licence.

Freelance artists of the painting, sculpting and art design area can be invited as guests provided that they are registrated at  their local tax office.

In addition to the legal conditions the design quality of the objects and booth are very important criteria for the admission. The advisory service of design of the Aachen Chamber of Crafts and Skilled Trades decides on the admission of participants.

Each craftsman ought to be present during both market days.

It is advisable to demonstrate the design process and techniques for sales promotion.

Based on our observations over the last few years we point out that you confirm with your signature that the objects which are to be sold are solely self-crafted or were crafted in your workshop/studio. It is prohibited to sell other objects. Furthermore it is not allowed that an empowered craftsman shares his booth with an craftsman who is excluded from participation.

Anyone who does not comply with this will be excluded from the market.

After the market is closed the market area will be guarded at night.

Nevertheless we strongly recommend to secure or take along your booth and objects. The organiser shall not be liable for damage caused by theft, vandalism, effects of the weather or anything similar.

Costs/ Conditions of payment

Booth charges (example):  2 x 2 = 136,00 €
                                         3 x 2 = 204,00 €
                                         3 x 3 = 306,00 €
Price indications relate to the European market of the previous year. Subject to change without notice.

Conditions of payment: Booth fee becomes due upon receipt of the invoice by the specified term of payment. After receiving the booth fee within due time you can in principle participate in the market. The exact location and booth number are conveyed at a later date.

If you cancel your participation after a specific deadline the booth fee is to be paid in full.

Following services are included in the booth fee:

  • booth location for 2 days
  • electrical connection incl. steward service
  • security at night (market area)
  • medical service
  • waste disposal
  • publication on the internet site, list of exhibitors
  • entry in the brochure of the market
  • advertising material (invitation cards, posters)
  • public relations in various media