Date: 03 - 04 September 2022 (1st weekend of September)

Location: Aachen city centre, around the cathedral and town hall

Opening hours:
Sat 10am - 9pm
Sun 11am - 6pm

Entrance is free of charge.

Information booth: On the market square in front of the town hall. During the European market, versed contact persons will be glad to be of assistance. Furthermore, you will receive our brochure about the European market for free, as well as other interesting information on events, exhibitions etc..

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Cuisine: You will find many booths which sell (little) snacks for the small and big appetite in the European market. Additionally, the large number of cafes, bistros and restaurants in the immediate surrounding of the market square, Katschhof and Münsterplatz offer you other possibilities in the truest sense of the word to enjoy Aachen.


Good to see you again! We are very pleased about that. You will probably be one of the large number of visitors and interested people, who entered the European arts and crafts market in their diary as a recurring event.

The European market has a long tradition in Aachen. Since 46 years, the Aachen Chamber of Crafts and Skilled Trades always organises this large event in the "Kaiserstadt" in the first weekend of September. At around 300 booths artists, craft designers and master designers throughout Europe present their products. The European market meets with great interest - each year we may welcome 200.000 visitors.

The strict selection of the exhibitors guarantees the quality of the European market, which started as a small meeting place for trends and ideas has developed into the largest event of its kind. Only professional craftsmen and a limited number of freelance artists are permitted. Please come to visit the booths around the cathedral and town hall.

For more then 29 years, the team of the Aachen Academy of Craft and Design, Gut Rosenberg, organise the European arts and crafts market. The director sets high standards when selecting the exhibitors. 

Its objective is to offer artists and crafts designers a high-quality platform to present their products. At the same time, the European market wants to be an international contact and trend meeting place and wants to help young design talents of crafts when setting up their businesses.

Students and alumni of the Academy of Craft and Design will also present their skills and products in the market. The offer varies from object of utility to unique object, but also from tradition to experiment, further information

Kind regards,

Beate Amrehn
Gut Rosenberg,
Aachen Chamber of Crafts and Skilled Trades

All visitors will find a parking lot in the surrounding parking garages. When visiting the market, please do not cause unnecessary stress when you try to find one of the few parking lots at the roadside. The parking garages are located within a 5 to 10 minutes walking distance to the market.

City Information

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